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Hair Remover Cleaning Equipment Set

Hair Remover Cleaning Equipment Set - HiPawsy

Hair Remover Cleaning Equipment Set

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Your pal is probably the best part of your life, but they can be messy. With the hair remover, you will keep your clothes and furniture fur-free and lint-free. 

There is no need for refills, waste, or power plugs! The doubled-sided hair remover can be used repeatedly, making it extremely economical and environmental-friendly. 


  • Materials: Dense fluffy strong adhesive wool
  • Instruction: Simply swipe it up and down; afterward, dip the fur-filled brush inside the base, and you will have a clean brush again
  • Compatibility: Clothes, Upholstered furniture, couch, carpets, linens, pillows, fabric, bed, car seats, and many more.
  • Package: Either one standard size brush or one travel size brush