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Big Dog Run-Free Leash (Up to lb150)

Big Dog Run-Free Leash (Up to lb150) - HiPawsy

Big Dog Run-Free Leash (Up to lb150)

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Got a big dog? Get ready for the fun! Also, get ready for the painful wrist, overload exhaustion, and being dragged. Seriously, you think you can hold back that oversize puppy? Maybe, but it might take some serious muscle. Or not...maybe our Big Dog Harness is enough for you.


  • Hands-Free: Enjoy a hands-free dog leash belt that lets you freely use your phone or read a newspaper without feeling restrained by your dog's movements
  • Efficient Running Space: Your dog can comfortably run in front of you, or beside you, without feeling like you are stepping on their heels. The 6ft  leash is long enough to provide plenty of room for both you and your dog and short enough to not get in your way.
  • Dual-Handle Operation: Get extra support on your pull with two handles instead of one. Our two conveniently placed handles will allow you to control your pup without breaking the leash. Quickly use the handle by your hip to guide your dog back on track, or the collar handles for more direct control.
  • Dual Bungee for Shock Absorption: The durable bungee is placed between the two handles keeping the bungee from having a constant pulling tension on your dog when it is not needed. This will prevent hurting your hand, and the dog neck even when you're both running
  • Reflective Design: Etra safety at night with the luminous reflective stitching; enjoy a hands-free dog leash for running that provides added visibility
  • High-quality material: The harness is designed and made with the strongest material that could withstand a 150lb running dog.